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1803 Candles: Caramel Honey Pear 14oz. Jar Candle

1803 Candles: Caramel Honey Pear 14oz. Jar Candle

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Succulent sliced white pear warm from the oven drizzled soft honey, caramel, and a little bourbon finishes the deal. At 1803 Candles you can rest assured that we pour 100% soy wax candles.

14 oz. Soy Jar Candle

Each hand poured soy wax candles are made with pride in the United States. They are clean burning, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic, making it safe to be used in any room throughout your house. Soy Jar Candle Burn Time 14oz – 80+ Hours Soy Jar Candle Exclusive Features Cotton Wicks Clean Burning Non-Toxic Non-Carcinogenic Biodegradable Hand Poured Soy Wax Environmentally Friendly Reusable Mason Jars Made in the United States

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